CRX Community

Why choose us?

99% Uptime

Our TeamSpeak3 Server has up to 99% uptime which makes it perfect for undisturbed gaming!

Professional Staff

Our Staff is always ready to help you so if you have any questions just ask them anything, they will be happy to help!

Private Rooms and Ranks

Each one of our users can ask for a private room and get one immediately!
Our server can offer various ranks as well!
More about them you can find Here!

CRX statistics
Donator Name Donation
Lucas Dalmat10€

What do you get when you donate?

There are 3 ranks on our server Donator, Supporter and VIP.

Every rank has its own bonus permissions and even a private MusicBot.

How much do they cost?

Donator 3€
Supporter 6€
VIP 10€

How to donate?

You can donate via PayPal, Skrill and PaySafeCard.

When donating via PayPal in payment description add your TeamSpeak3 Nickname.

When donating via Skrill and PaySafeCard you need to send a

message on our Facebook for additional information.

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